South Central Ranch Rodeo – Re-located to new venue and date

Here is the new information on the 2nd Annual South Central Ranch Rodeo.  Yorktown is the new location on November 19th.



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South Central Ranch Rodeo

Sunday, November 6th is another day to mark on your calendar for the upcoming ranch rodeo in Gonzales, Texas.


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Fort Bend Ranch Rodeo

JUST LIKE IN THE OLD WEST – September 26, 2016, 7 p.m.
These hard working cowboys are carrying on the Texas Ranching Heritage that has been a part of our culture for many, many years. These are the cowboys who live the life every day and work on ranches. The Fort Bend County Fair is their place to compete against other working ranches to see who is the hardest working cowboys around. The teams of four will compete in steer yoking, double mugging and pasture doctoring. Only 20 teams will be accepted to compete, for rules and entry form see below. STRRA Approved Event.
ENTRY DEADLINE – Thursday, September 22nd (Limited to First 20 Teams that register)
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Ranch Rodeo at Cuero Turkeyfest

Mark your calendars for the Cuero Turkeyfest.  Not only will there be a STRRA ranch rodeo on Ocober 7th, but there will also be a team roping on October 8th, as well as great entertainment both nights!!!!

Cuero Ranch Rodeo


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Upcoming STRRA Rodeo

Alzheimer's ranch rodeoOnce again, cowboys and cowgirls will “Saddle Up” to help raise money and bring awareness for Alzheimer’s on August 19th and 20th. For more information, please contact Lacey Rosenquest at (361)571-2899 or visit


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Wharton Results

Two teams qualified for the 2016 STRRA Finals at the Wharton Ranch Rodeo.  Double C with $3350 and M&M with $1750.

wharton books


Jared Lopez was awarded a $1000 Scholarship from the STRRA at the ranch rodeo in Wharton.  Congratulations Jared!!!


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2015 Finals Photos

M&M year end winnersM&M – 1st place in the Year End Standing With $13,178 won for the year and 2nd in the average at the finals.  Congratulations M&M for another job well done!!!!


M&M Top Horse

Marty Rosequest of M&M had the Top Horse – Sprat.


Briscoe 3rd aveBar B Top Hand

Bar B came out on top with 1st in the average at the finals and Matt Benton was named top Hand! Congratulations!!!

BriscoeC&M - 4th

Briscoe captured 3rd in the average and C&M came in 4th.


Gringo Fencing had the Best Remuda for the 2015 STRRA Finals! Whiskey for the men, Beer for the horses!!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and a big THANKS to all who made the finals happen!


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STRRA Finals – New Date

Hope everyone was safe during last weekends storms.  The new date has been set for Sunday, November 22, 2015, in Gonzales, Tx.  The books will open at 8 am and close at 10 am. Please mark you calendars to attend!!!

STRRA – 2015 Finals POSTER


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STRRA Finals Postponed

Due to the eminent weather headed towards Gonzales and surrounding areas, the STRRA Board has decided to postpone the Finals scheduled for this Sat, October 24, in Gonzales, Tx., until further notice.  The Board is concerned with the health and welfare of the cowboys, livestock and all those involved.  As soon as a new date has been scheduled, it will be posted here.  Thanks and Be Safe this weekend!!!!

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STRRA Membership List

Some teams have been asking for a current list of members for the STRRA so they can pick up a cowboy if they need to for the finals.  Here is a current list excluding any members that may have joined in Nixon.  Those members’ names have not been added to this list.  Remember, each contestant can only compete on two teams and members must have competed at a qualifying ranch rodeo, as well as paid their membership.

Firs Name Last Name
Sammy Ambriz
Levi Anderson
Cole Applegate
Cale Applegate
Josh Baros
Matt Benton
Seth Broeshce
Ty  Brzozowski
Doug  Burdette
Blake Burzynski
Troy Calaway
Poppa Calhoun
Cody Cerny
Lora Cline
Jody  Clore
Jake Conrad
Tudy Cruz
Harrison Faust
Ed  Feldman
James  Fitzgerald
Justin Flores
Keith Foxel
Chuck Frankston
Dillon  Frankum
Darren Frankum
Caleb Frankum
Dustin  Frankum
Todd Fritsch
Perry Gamble
J. R.  Garcia
Chance Gardner
Werth Garrett
Mason Gaston
Chad  Gaston
Jim  Gates
Andy Goff
J.P.  Gonzales
Matt Gore
Grady Green
Randy Grubert
Joey Guerra
Korby Haller
Hunter Harrington
R Hellerman
Wyatt Howell
Brady Hurst
JR Hurst
Westin Imhoff
Cody Ingram
Casey Islet
Dick Jasek
Dusty Johns 
Cecil Johnson
Jeremy Kadlecek
Clint Kalina
D C Kasper
Kyle King
Blayne Klenk
Chance Koenning
Mike Krebs
Cody Kyle
Joe   Leigh
Rolando Lopez
Carrie Lopez
Mike Maciel
Jarrod Mack
Soester “Chano” Maldonado
Lacey Martin
Clay McKnight
Matt  Meador
Lorenzo Medina
Danny  Mendoza
J C Montes
Cody Oxford
Byron Oxford
Dakota Pearson
L.B. Pearson
Chris  Peters
Shane  Phillips
Andrew Ponce
Cody Price
Kevin  Rainosek
Casey Rice
Marc  Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez
Marty  Rosenquest
Cody Rosenquest
Jace Rothlisberger
Garry Rothlisberger
Nolen  Savage
Justin Scopel
JB Self
Matt Sikora
Brandon  Sikorski
Robert   Silguero
Benjamin Sliva
Austin Smith
Monte Sternadel
Brady Steubing
Klayton Teykl
Lew Thompson
Riley Tieken
Reagan Tieken
Tyler Townsend
Rudy Trejo
Jared Wakefield
Chad  Weishuhn
Kody Welch
James  Wells
Tyler Werner
Randy White 
Cody Whitehead
Tyler Witte
Kenton Woodson
Carlos Zepeda
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